Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oh man, I have been tagged again! This time by East Coast Wedding and Peony: Love . I am still a little on the fence about being tagged. I don't think I like to play but I also love to be invited and thought of! Its definitely the chain letter of the blogosphere.
So here goes
6 things I value:
1.future husband 3.friends 5.reality tv planning

6 things I do not value:
1. wedding planning (its a love hate thing) 2. Laziness 3. head colds 4. candy corn 5. traffic 6. being late

Six Quirks-
1. I lose everything 2. I hate scented lotions 3. I despise buying anything before its first markdown 4. I am a meal time purist: I could never eat pizza for breakfast or eggs for dinner 5. I prefer blue pen and hate to write in black 6.I keep a million windows open on my computer at the same time. Rows of them.

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