Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Church's Approval

We finally are booked for our pre-cana schtuff. We elected to go to an all day conference instead of committing to a certain night of the week for 6 weeks. With our schedules at work, that would never do. Besides I think we are more of the rip the band-aid off type people. Both FH and I are Catholic and went to Catholic schools our whole lives so we are not strangers to this sort of thing but spending a full day at a Conference for the Engaged sounds like torture. On a positive note, they let us in. I have to say I was a little worried about that (we live together, FH has a son, we're not long time members of the parish and are not even getting married in the diocese) but in good church fashion, when the donation is big enough, your sins are absolved.

I hate to sound so negative. I actually love the priest that is marrying us and it was really important to me to get married in my hometown church. He was the first calming factor after the engagement and the first person who was able to get me to take a breath and realize what the whole thing was about, our marriage, not the big party on the perfect date with the perfect venue and the right colors.

Any one have good experiences at pre-cana? I really have heard only stories of how boring it is and out of touch. Or, has anyone not passed? Whoa, never even thought about that!


Bridechka said...

I dont know what pre-cana is but its so great that you have a good priest to marry you, someone you feel comfortable with, who puts everything into perspective for you. Thats really awesome and from what I hear, a very rare find.

Mrs. in May said...

Pre-cana is a course you have to take with the Catholic church. Its like a marriage preparation course. Some churches have you go for 6 weeks but the course we were able to sign up for was like an afternoon cram session. I do really like our priest he is just really calm and casual. Our church is near the beach and I once saw him say mass with flip flops on under his robe!

Jenny.Lee said...

I'm sure you'll pass. Don't give yourself anything more to worry about. ;)

Adrienne said...

Oh good timing on this post! I just called my priest today to set up our pre-Cana sessions - still waiting to hear back from him! I am a little nervous too, I am Catholic but the FH is not. I actually have heard of people not "passing" the course, one of them wanted children and the other did not, and that makes for an automatic fail (although I agree that it should, that is kind of a big deal). Be sure to let us know how your session went!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Just found your blog via Island Weddings.

I really liked Pre-Caana. Mr. Newlywed isn't Catholic [he's Lutheran], but I am a practicing Catholic. While I understand why a lot of peopel think it seems out of touch, I am sure that is in reference to the part on NFP.

I really thought it was good. They talked about a lot of topics from finances to birth control to friends. Whether you'll agree with everything they say I cannot tell you, but I would go in with an open mind. There was a lot of good information.

Have fun! The day flew by for us!