Monday, October 20, 2008

Real Wedding: Real Fun, Real Fab Part 2: Place settings, etc

OK, here are some of those details that in my mind, really bring it all together. But, they also maybe the type of stuff that only a wedding obsessed person would appreciate. (Like would FH actually tell his friends how nice their menu and place settings were? I think not)

Either way- looked fantastic to me and I certainly appreciate it all. Actually, while FH may not remember all of the details, I think the likes of him remembers that they were there and how lovely everything really was. OK, he would probably say "Cool" or "top notch" definitely NOT lovely, but you get it.

Let me tell you, I ate that macaroni and cheese like a champion. I was actually embaressed that others could see how much I had on my plate but I couldn't help myself!
How delightful! Love and good fortune to you guys too!

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Anonymous said...

Macaroni and cheese = love. :)