Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Groom's Cake - How crazy should one go?

I think like many of you the first time and only time I had heard of a groom's cake was from Steel Magnolias. I mean, who could forget that famous Red Velvet Armadillo!?
Shocking and fabulous at the same time.

As the specialty cake craze grew I heard more and more about these cakes, stemming from what I believe was a Southern tradition. It seems like now has swept the nation and is often presented at the rehearsal dinner. (I'll be the first to admit, a Virginia Tech logo would not match my motif!)

As we were planning our wedding in my hometown, and I was making the bulk of the decisions, I knew I wanted to do something nice for FH. FH is a loyal HOKIE (Virginia Tech Alum) and we had quite a large population of fellow Hokies as guests. So what else, a Hokie cake!?

While watching a Food Network Cake Challenge one day I discovered Cakes by Jay! I thought for sure he was my cake guy. Well, I am sure many of you have gone through this, as things get closer, money actually does become an object. I contact Jay about doing a Hokie cake, either of the Hokie Bird or of the VT logo. He came back saying a cake for 45 people in the VT logo would be about $350. What!???? I could only imagine if I had ordered one for the final count of the rehearsal dinner - 75 people! (To note- Jay's cakes are amazing, I am sure making a cake like the one I suggested is easy peasy but they are filled with orders so it wouldn't be worth it for them to make the cake for less- and they were SOOOOO incredibly nice. If I were in the market for a gorgeous cake and had a budget to match, I would DEFINITELY contact them. I was very impressed with their service and their quick responses)

So, back to the drawing board. My stepmother suggested Whistle Stop. Whistle Stop is an amazing family owned bakery known for its cheesecakes. My family has ordered from them for years. We had them do a full sheet cake with the Virginia Tech logo piped on and it looked fantastic! And, let me tell you, the chocolate cake with raspberry mouse and butter cream icing was to die for (much tastier than my wedding cake but I'll post about that on a later date). I mean, does anyone actually like the taste of fondant?

I guess my little lesson from this is- I attempted to go with a baker with cache but in the end going with a trusted, small vendor that has proven to be a quality vendor was definitely the right choice!

What did you do? Or what are your plans for a groom's cake?


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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I became a Mrs. in May!

Ladies!!! I know, I know it has been ages. The wedding and work events leading up to it WIPED me out!

BUT! I am happy to report that I am back and a happily married woman! The wedding was wonderful, everything I had dreamed of (even if it went faster than I could ever imagine), Mother Nature was fair but not lovely, and the food and drinks were amazing.

I am so happy with all of my vendors and hope over the next few weeks to review them and tell you about the little and the big things that worked -and a couple that didn't!

Chat soon!
Mrs. in May!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mature Martinis - A Classy Affair - NOT Spring Break

OK, again, apologies, I know I've been away, that darn work thing always getting in the way!

I thought I'd talk today about cocktails! Maybe its because I could use one right about now (again, pesky work )

So, I found this funny, and chalk it up to the broad range of ages of people who wed. Upon entering our cocktail hour you'll have a multitude of choices for your cocktail. At the entrance you can pick up a glass of champagne or a refreshing sparkling water. Then as you enter there will be 3 martinis butler passed. And, of course, there will be 3 full bars if you choose. The point here is that when the masses (eek 250 of them) arrive there hopefully won't be a long wait at the bar.

When it came to choosing the martinis I couldn't help but laugh at the choices that our wedding coordinator came up with.
Here are some of the names:
Peach JollyRancher
Pink Lemonade Lemon Drop
Melon Martini
and lots of other fruity spring break type libations.

Now, in my day, I would have thought these were awesome, and cheers to you who think that they are. But, my wedding is in a mansion and I am in my 30s, I feel no need for crazy colored cocktails. Although I will say I love the cutesy idea of having a blue cocktail called "Something Blue" but really, do you want your guests walking around a mansion with blue mouths? Nah.

I also love the idea of having a drink named and matching your color scheme. How fun!

But, alas, again, we are in our 30s as are the moajority of our guests and both immediately agreed we would go for the classics.

Here's what we chose:
Dirty Martini
And - I know those of you who know me are shocked: Cosmopolitan! (I don't care if they are not trendy anymore, its my drink and I'll never give it up!)

Are you guys doing any special cocktails? Have fun names for them? Am I being too stiff? I chose 3 different colors and atleast 2 different liquors.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Obamanation meets Bridal Bliss

OK, so I am sure that many of you have heard that you can do this but now that we have a new Commander in Chief I thought I would post what I think is such a fun idea.

Did you know that if you send and invitation to your wedding to the White House you'll get a note back! Chances of Barack and Michelle cutting a rug at your affair are slim to none but who wouldn't love a letter from the president for your scrap book!

Here's the address:
The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White House
Greetings Office Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

From what I have read, only U.S. residents will receive a note back)

OK- so not to out do the president, but, for all of you Catholics out there (me included) you can send one to Pope Benedict XVI as well! This is really special because the response includes a special blessing for your marriage. I'm a little embaressed that I put POTUS ahead of the Pope but its just a little more timely!

Pope Benedict XVI
Prefettura della Casa Pontifica
00120 Citta del Vaticano, Italia

(Title: His Holiness)

Have fun!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More advice needed :)

OK, can you tell I am really down to the nitty gritty now?

If I heard from people after the Save the Date went out that they will not be able to make it, do I still send them a formal invite?

I think YES, because I don't want to leave them out

or NO, because I don't want them to think I am asking for a gift

Example - 2 of the couples that I know cannot make it are not people that I know, they are parent's co-workers, but there are 2 other couple who I know cannot make it and they are close friends.

What do you think?

Advice needed!

OK, so I am getting down to the details now and will have my invitation wording complete and submitted by tomorrow - eek! Seems so final :)

Here's my questions, I will have about 40% of my guests from out of town. There will be a direction card and an accomodation card in the pocket style invitations.

On the direction card - what needs to go on there-

Directions to the church (main directions or specifics from the hotels?)
Directions to the reception hall (specifically from the church or the main ones they list)

How specific and turn by turn do I need to be?

Here's a note- I will have bus for those staying at the hotel to go from the hotel to the reception - the church is only blocks away, they can figure that out.

I will also have a welcome letter, etc. when guests check in and can put real specifics in there.

Hmmmmm, all thoughts welcomed!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fancy Find # 11 Faux your honeymoon?

So, after we got engaged last year, FH and I took a fantastic trip to Cabo, we stayed in a nice hotel but I was still weary about wearing my engagement ring. When we go on vacations we love to lay out in the sun and sip daquiris but we also love to take excursions, hike, fish, etc. Well, because of this and not wanting to leave my ring in the hotel room, I decided to get a fake ring from Kohls. I loved the idea but I have a sixe 4.5 finger and the smallest I could find there was a 6.

Anyway, while perusing the pages of Brides Magazine yesterday I stumbled on this website- emitations
Check it out!!! There are so many different designs and styles, you may not find your exact ring but you'll probably find something somewhat similar. I am definitely going to get one of these, they're more expensive than the $19.99 Kohl's one I bought but they look much better and have small sizes.

But, maybe you don't want a ring like the one you have! Maybe you want that J. LO giant rock? (they show original designs and copies of celebrities! how fun!)

A vintage look like Katherine McPhee's? (I am partial to this one cause it is similar to mine with a different cut)

Maybe you want a simple eternity band or just plain band so you can be active and not feel too dressed up!?

I actually found a ring that looks like my soon-to-be-step-sister-in-law's? Looks so much like the Tiffany Lucida!

Here's a link to their clearance- I think this is always the place to look first.

I'm torn between getting something subtle and getting something Ka-BAM! I love the WOW factor but isn't the whole idea not to get robbed? I probably shouldn't attract people who would want to rob me!

Oh- btw- there is a whole line of jewelry, not just engagement/wedding rings!