Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Garter - to wear or not to wear?

So under no circumstances am I going to have FH take my garter off on the middle of the dancefloor. I'm not against kitchsy wedding things; we are going to cut the cake, be announced and have our first dance - I just have NO desire to have my father watch my FH run his legs up my thigh - NO THANK YOU.

Shoot me for being a non-conformist but I am not tossing my boo-k either. Having dated FH for nearly 7 years before getting engaged - I was the victim of the boo-k toss many times. My one friend threw hers at me like a spiral football, I panicked and ducked! It made a scene and I was red with embarrassment- lol, I told her not to throw it at me! I was actually hiding when they called the ladies up and the waited and searched for me!
You know what happened to the girl that ultimately caught it?
Yep, they got married next, they also got divorced! Glad I ducked now, right?

Now, I am in my 30s and 99.9% of my friends are married. Why am I going to single out my 3 single friends, who are also in their 30s, and point out to everyone that they are single? They are happily single too! Its not like they are sitting around hoping they will catch a boo-k and one day, they too can plan an overbudget, over crowded wedding!

Back to my question- the garter. Should I still wear one? Why? Is there a tradition assigned to it that I don't know about? Does it itch? Its not like it is going to be holding up my pantyhose, which I don't plan on wearing either. Also -I don't think it is going to be flattering cinched around my thigh, doesn't it have to be relatively tight to stay on all day even through dancing? I am not conjuring up a cute image here -

If I were to wear one, I think the first place I would look would be Etsy. (Funny side thought: I don't know why I am in love with Etsy, I just am. I have NEVER been a fan of anything crafty or homemade but it just seems like there are such awesome finds on here with funky styles!) Here's some beautiful ones I have found there.

(both from seller GarterLady)

But again, why would I wear one? Help a bride out...


Emma said...

I think FH would enjoy taking it off in private, so I say go for it :)

Anonymous said...

I am SO anti garter toss, but I am very pro garter -- I am strange, I know. I think it has to do with my love of all things traditional (except the toss...and the dollar dance, I mean really, what is that all about?!)

I say go for Emma said, it could be fun for FH later on...:)

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. in May said...

Thanks Ladies! I think I will definitely get one, maybe it will just go in the overnight bag but at least I will have it. It may make for some cute pictures too - although, not sure if I want the photog shooting up my thigh!! LOL LOL

AmyJean said...

i also am not gonna to the garter toss, but will probably wear one... I think its definitely worth getting just in case :)

Mrs. in May said...

OK, well it sounds like consensus! No Garter toss but definitely still get a garter!

Cyd said...

I am so anti garter toss it's ridiculous! At least at my own wedding. haha I've also been debating whether to where one, too, thinking why would I but then why shouldn't I? They are beautiful, however, so I'm leaning toward wearing but still adamantly not tossing. :-)