Friday, October 3, 2008

EEEEEEEEEKK!!!! The Dress is IN!

I got the best call yesterday afternoon. MY DRESS IS IN!!!!!
I had no idea I would be so excited! I mean, the dress has been delivered to Saks in NYC, I live in VA , I really don't know why I am so excited. I think maybe I was worried that something would happen and I would end up having to find another dress, I don't know, something dramatic. But, no, it is in! And check this out, this is why buying your dress at a department store ROCKS. I paid for half of the dress when I ordered it. Then the rest now. But, the woman in the bridal department said she would charge my card this weekend because they are having a double points weekend. All in all, I am getting a ton of points and a $375 gift card!!!! Can you say Manolos? Wait, let me help you MA - NO - LOS. Yes, it rolls so nicely off my tongue.

One thing that hit after I got the call- HOLY COW- get movin on that diet girl!!!

There's been a ton of progess this week, I don;t know how it all happened but things have been moving along nicely. I'll post more updates shortly - things have been a little crazy in my work world, wedding planning world, and just overall - but all is good!

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