Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's Better the Wedding or the Honeymoon?

We are booked! I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am that we have our honeymoon booked. We may still try and change some things as far as our flight goes but for the most part we are DONE! 7 nights in St. Lucia, one in Miami!

I really wanted to go to Spain and tour the coast but it just was not working out. Multiple factors like the piddly value of the dollar, the long flight, etc. I had clear instructions that if we were going to go somewhere in Europe it would not be for a sightseeing, backpacking trip, it was going to be on some European beach where we could relax. Marbella! Have you heard of this place? Its part of the Costa Del Sol in southern Spain and it is where the wealthy play. And...there is a Marriott there where I could use my points!

Well, like I said, things were just not lining up in our favor and even the planning part was exhausting. And we decided if there was one thing we wanted out of the honeymoon it was RELAXATION.

FH and I are total Caribophiles (yes, I made that word up but you get the idea). In our years of dating we have visited the Carribbean about 6 times together and have a great routine, I soak up the sun and drink frozen drinks, FH reads approximately 3 books a day, we meet up for lunch, then again in the late afternoon and figure out what we are going to do for dinner. We also love to find something active to do a few of the days like kayak, hike, something to not be total mushes.

For some reason when it came to honeymoon planning, the Carribbean just sounded too easy and cliche but the more I thought about it, well, there are reasons so many people honeymoon there:
2. Relaxing
3. Easy to get to (relatively, certainly easier than a small beach in Spain!)

So- why was I fighting it!?

In the end we decided on St. Lucia.
Yes, that's probably the most cliche of them all! But, we decided to stray from the pack heading to Sandals and rent a small bungalow in the East Winds Resort.

Not so bad, right? I can't wait!!!

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Bethany said...

Hi There, just found your blog and I am also a Mrs. in May too! Just saw that you are going to St. Lucia for your honeymoon. I absolutely loved St Lucia last feb 08 with my fiance. We stayed at Rendezvous, didn't really go anywhere else, but loved it! I also have been to Marbella and that is def a must place to be, especially if you like small towns and beaches!