Monday, September 22, 2008

Fancy Find #4: Photographer Yun Gen Yang

(Not necessarily a fancy item but a vendor I am currently stalking and I think he's fancy)

So yesterday during my Sunday evening Internet surfing (I do this while FH watches football) I came across a photographers website that held me captive for a good hour. His name is Yun Gen Yang and his website can be found here: Yang Photography.

He's based in NYC and looks like he covers most of the Tri-state area. Now, I found and am thrilled about the photog I chose (Matthew Sowa) but I cannot deny that this made me question my research- how did I miss this guy? He has an obvious love for the sky:

and just overall color and beauty. I put together a two little collages of my favorite photos; one from his wedding collection and one from the lifestyle/personal collection on his site. Check them out and check out his blog as well!


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

stunning photos - i love the use of color.

Yun said...

thank you for this lovely post =)