Friday, September 26, 2008

Tagged? What's this? I am flattered! I think?

Ok, so I am a total newbie to the blogosphere but one of my favorite brides to be - Atlanta Bride had "tagged" me! I think its like a giant game of Internet tag. I've been meaning to respond since last week but just kept getting sidetracked. I am honored to have even have been thought of! (People read this thing?!) This whole virtual world of wedding bloggers that I have thrust myself into is still a little out there for me, its like Second Life for divas.
First I have to answer:
5 Reasons Why You Love Your State:
1. Where I met people that changed my life. (Translation: college friends and FH!)
2. DC - I live about 4 miles from DC, a city that I really love.
3. The history - did you know that more U.S. presidents are from Virginia than any other state?
4. Landscape- we have mountains, beaches, and everything else in between (including a ton of man made lakes which are wierd to this beach gal)
5. Diversity! Not sure about other parts but Northern Virginia is extremley diverse and a cross section for various cultures, I love it!
Link back to the meme creator: Caz
Link to the person who tagged you: An Atlanta Bride
Link back to the originator of the positive SA movement (as this is how this all started): Cheap Thrills
Tag at least five people - Since this is really a modern day chain letter I am going to end my link here. Fun- yes, but I don't think I am cool enough to ask someone else to do it. Nor do I have very many cyber friends!

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