Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fancy Find #3

If I had a million dollars - or a very small wedding - I think I would have to get invitations as gorgeous as these.

I found them while doing my lunchtime wedding Internet search, they are made by Alia Designs and they are just gorgeous. There are quite a few designs on there that I heart.

Here's another great one:

I do have a secret weapon though, one of my close friends and style goddess is helping to design my invites!!! Once I get more I will share. In the meantime I will surf the net for ideas for the invitation suite and covet things like this that are totally out of my price range (I just looked and their minimum order is $2000!)


Sarah said...

Millionaire is right! I always say: I may be busy but I have more time than money. These are beautiful but I suspect you'd be able to make or find something similar for far less than $2000!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

The prices are crazy. I was thinking because I was having a small wedding, under 30, that I could get fancy invites because I could afford to splurge. Not the case.

Did you check out ? Their invites are awesome but you can spend anywhere from $15.00 to around $50.00. Of course the ones that I love are closer to $50.00