Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bridal Bootcamp

New wedding reality ALERT: Bridal Bootcamp is set to air in the Spring of 2009 (a little too late for me!)

But... along with my gals from the neighborhood we are now part of a Tuesday night bootcamp club run by trainer extraordinaire, Lisa Reed. Lisa is fantastic and EXTREMELY motivating. She trains a ton of brides, check out the Bride to Be Fit section of her website, she will customize your workouts based on your body type, fitness level and the style of your dress! I imagine most brides, like me, are looking for the toned arms and shoulders and a flat belly! (easy, right?) Back to the "If I had a million dollars", well, I would totally do the three days a week program with her but it is just not in the financial cards for me. I am so happy doing the group boot camp sessions with her, I just hope we find a way to do it once it gets cold outside - I need the motivation.


Sarah said...

Love the Barenaked Ladies reference with the "If I had a Million Dollars"...once I had a bride an groom do their first dance to that song!

Another thoughts for those wanting to get in shape for the big day: try a 1 on 1 meeting with a nutritionist. I have personally had success with this (after interviewing a number of them) and swear by it.

Mrs. in May said...

That is a really great tip. My mom meets with a nutritionist (covered by her health insurance!) 2 times a month and she swears by it. Not only for the health tips and tracking of her diet but for the sheer fact that every time she goes she has to weigh in!

I think I will look into this and see if my insurance covers me!