Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fancy Finds #2

OK, here's something else I thought there was no point in getting until I stumbled across this gorgeous card box from Estilo Weddings - they have some really fantastic but pretty pricey things.

Isn't it ab-fab? Totally matches nothing in my wedding so I am not going to get it, but its another one of those things I came by and thought - oh shoot - do I NEED one of those? In the Northeast everyone gives cards with money, it is RARE to receive an actual gift. We will have a safe in our bridal suite. Do I need a card box too? Hmm. Not sure. There is something about having a receptical for your money that is tacky but at the same time I don't want to be handed someone's very generous gift and just toss it next to my cake - that seems tackier! I'll be thinking on this one. Surely I can make something at Michaels, right? LOL- So many past brides warned me about this, I had all of these ambitious ideas of things I was going to make myself and yet have not conquered one DIY yet, and I really don't see too many in my future. Maybe this will be my one task.


Erik said...

did you know that your eyes are the highest holes on your body?

An Atlanta Bride said...

I came across this card box too and also loved it! Looking at it, it dooesn't seem that it would be hard to replicate. Maybe you should give it a go!