Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its his wedding too!

Grooms get no respect, why???
So, I am not sure why this is and whether or not I find it funny or frustrating.

On more than a few occasions I have delegated duties to dear FH and each time, it seems, the contact will search high and low to get to me and bypass FH as if his opinion has no bearing on the situation at all.

Believe me, I want FH involved and when he is willing to take the ball on something, I am more than willing to hand it off to him! He's a great party planner and really good at logistics - he even has an eye for aesthetics - in short, I really value his opinions and decisions on this stuff!

Hotel- FH did a great job negotiating a rate and getting a block set up. He's been in touch with them and even had a discount rate extended. I have no idea how they even got my contact information - I think it was somehow through my mom! - but they tracked me down yesterday to ask me a question and get my email so they could send us the latest rooming manifest. Why not just send it to FH? Why not ask him? Please, I have enough I am working on!

Rehearsal Dinner-FH contacted the hotel catering and cc'd me on an email to them. Well, after he was pretty far down the road, they cut him out completely and would just email and call me! Every time I would get an email I would just forward it on to him, he'd respond to the caterer and then she would email ME back. LOL, that takes an actual effort!

Now the funniest one! His MOM! We're at the point where we have to make some cuts to the guest list before the save the dates go out. The list just grew waaaaay to big and caused the implosion of the budget. So, we all had to cut a couple of people. FH called his parents and asked them to cut. She said she would talk to him last night and come up with a few people. I was in yoga last night, come out of class and have 6 missed calls from the in-laws. I check my message and it is to tell me who was going to be on the chopping block. Why not just call FH? Let him know?

I love that people think I am the authority but man, there are quite a few things where I would be happy to - I WANT to- I NEED to- give the reigns to FH and let him handle from start to finish.

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