Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two dresses? Two looks?

OK, so the two-dress trend is definitely one of the latest and greatest. I love the idea in concept. I mean, giant wedding dresses are definitely not always conducive to cutting a rug all night long. And sometimes the same dress doesn't look right in a church and then in a sleek reception setting.

The post idea came ffter reading an article in the Argus Times (it came across the wedding news ticker), in the article Mark Ingram was quoted saying he saw the trend emerge about 2 years ago and has continued on.

Here's one celeb that made the dramatic change: Christina Aguilera
Dress 1
elegant, form fitting with a heck of a train by Christian LaCroix

Dress 2 Sexy number, definitely a party dress made for dancing and showing the Xtina personality. This one was designed by her stylist Simone Harouche.

Designers are now catering to this trend as well. Go to Priscilla of Boston's website and there is a whole section of "Reception" dresses!
You could go from one of their over the top Platinum collections like this

Or maybe you have a garden wedding and you are looking for something romantic like this from the Vineyard collection?

But then you want to let loose from the tulle or drop the romance and get sexy so you throw on one of these numbers and you are ready to partay (all shown from POB)

Conceptually I LOVE this idea but for a couple of reasons I cannot fathom doing this.
1. My dress was expensive. Maybe not for everyone but for me, its definitely the most expensive thing I have ever worn. How could only wear it for the 1 hour ceremony plus some pics? Seems ridiculous (unless you are the above mentioned Xtina and the wedding dress is just another expensive thing you will don). I mean I justify buying $200 jeans by tellinng myself I will wear them again and again and again. How could I purchase something for thousands of dollars to wear for an hour?

2. I love my dress. I really love it. I want to wear it for as long as possible.
Besides, I didn't go too over the top and I moved around a lot when I tried it on to make sure it was danceable.

However, when I started planning my day, I did want to add some sort of costume change in there. The ceremony is during the day at a traditional Catholic church by the beach. The reception is in the evening in a formal setting, The Woodlands mansion. Wouldn't it be the perfect wedding for a dress change? I think so, but again, not really in the cards.

So here's my plan-
For the church I am going to do pearl studs, pearl strand necklace, veil. Not exactly like this - well not really at all but you get the idea, classic bride wearing classic pearls.
(pic from BridalfashonMall)
Then, once I am ready to get to the evening reception and want to sport a more nighttime look, my plan is to get a pair of "wow" chandelier earrings and go drop both the necklace and the veil. I'll also have in a hair "spray" that I got from here.

What's your thoughts on the dress change phenom? Do you plan to do anything to differentiate the ceremony and reception? NOT that you HAVE to, you spend months figuring out what to wear to one!


Cyd said...

I love the two-dress thing....but for someone else, not me. I concur! I LOVE my dress, why wouldn't I want to wear it for as long as possible? What I likely will do, however, is getting a sassy second dress for some kind of after party. If that one only gets worn for an hour or two, so be it, but I'm going to be in my wedding dress for the entire reception.

Sara said...

I also love the two dress thing....but like the person above me...I wont be doing that. I love my dress and want to feel that special feeling when I have it on the whole night. Thanks for your comment on my post...we have something in common! Does your fiance get along with the childs mother? Do you have any problems from her?

Adrienne said...

I agree with you on changing into a different dress, I absolutely love mine (and it was crazy expensive) and I want to wear it as long as I possibly can! I like the idea of changing up the jewelry though!

Jay-Tee-Aye! said...

I'm planning on purchasing two dresses - I am having my ceremony at a church but my reception/dinner will be at my home where it just wouldn't be pratical to keep it on.

AmyJean said...

I love this idea. If you can go for different looks with a different dress, why not same dress with different hair/make up and/or accessories!

Great IDEA!

My Dream Ring said...
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My Dream Ring said...

I love the two dress idea but I will definately be sporting just one! But the jewelry and hair change would be just as great, go for it!

Krista said...

I had thought of removing the veil (and maybe adding a funky hairclip) but I really like your idea of also changing the jewellery!

Hannah Noel said...

I think the idea for two-dresses is cute, but I won't do it. I'm with you, my dress cost a lot (for me) and I LOVE it. I wanna wear it for as long as possible!!

I WILL, however, be changing into a party-dress for the send off!

I'm not wearing my veil for the reception though-- I'm switching it out for some cool vintage broach!

Anonymous said...

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