Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fancy Find #9 - PaperZest, Wedding & Christmas!!

OK, yet again I have been an absent blogger, this darn work thing always getting in the way. I totally thought I would coast between Thanx and Xmas but that has definitely NOT been the case.

Nevertheless, I have a great FANCY FIND for you today!!!

My friend Sara, (you may remember her beautiful wedding details from this post) had some of the most beautiful, fun and funky stationery I have seen in a long time. She ordered her customized suite through PaperZest. Which, I have seen recommended on such sites as Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book and others.

Here's some pics of her fun stuff:

I love how everything is coordinated but nothing is too matchy matchy- something that lots of people strive for but not always achieved.

Sara and Christina from PaperZest hit it off so well they decided to collaborate and do some Christmas cards together!!!They have an Etsy shop where you can buy these sassy little greetings. I think they are great if you are giving a gift certificate or something like that where you need a special card for your fun friend. Maybe order a few and add them to a hostess gift. You'll love the fun designs and the witty sayings that are perfect for the stylish and saucy gal pal or boy toy.

I love this one:
"All I want for Christmas is you"
"And something from Tiffany's but that's neither here nor there"

How great! You know you all love it! There are more fun cards so check them out!


My Dream Ring said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog!! I see that you are from Alexandria, VA, I'm from Roanoke, VA & love the Alexandria area, my future Brother in-law lives in Alexandria as well. Take Care

BTW...the cards are cute, I love the greens and browns together.

Nicole said...

So, did you decide about the garter toss? or bouquet toss?? im torn about it... hmm.. I saw from another bride..to say there is a $20.00 bill attached to both of them... more participants...

Mrs. in May said...

I have decided to wear a garter but no toss and definitely NO bouquet toss, I am too old for that one, all of my friends are either married or in a state that they do not want it pointed out that they are still single!
What a good idea about the $20 though! That would get people on that floor!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Christmas card! Too perfect!

Cyd said...

BEST CHRISTMAS CARD EVER!!! Seriously, it is way way too cute.