Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ring Bearer- Pillow Alternatives

Dear FH has an 8 year old son that is very much a part of our family and we want to have play a big role in our wedding. We thought that he would be an usher and stand alongside the bestmen (yes I said men, there are two) but when we told him about the wedding he said, "Cool, can I be the ring dude?"

LOL, sure, you can be whatever you want. I think when we get to the rehearsal though, he'll want to stand with all of the guys. He's a guys's guy, and he's 8. There's no question he is a rough and tumble sports fanatic (his father's son.)

Here's the dilemma. While doing all of this wedding obsessed Internet surfing I kept finding the most gorgeous ring bearer pillows.

Like these from blogger extraordinaire, Brooklyn Bride who started Brooklyn Pillow:

I mean, can't you totally see throwing this on a chair to funky it up after the wedding?

Or I love the elegance in a pillow like this from Etsy seller Emici Bridal:

Well, everytime I almost bought them I thought of the face I would get when I told future stepson he had to walk down a church aisle carrying a pillow. It just seems wrong to make this boy's boy carry a dainty pillow.

I started wondering if there were alternatives to pillow carrying. Here are some cute things I found:

Maybe carry a banner like WeddingBee Mrs. Radish did?

HOw about a bell ringer? I had a cousin do this and it was adorable. Although, I'm not sure he would go for this either. If he did, I can assure you it will be quite the ringing. Here's a cute pic from Bridal Party Tees Blog. She also has a nice post on this option.

Do you have any ideas? PLEASE share!


Bridechka said...

Oh man I love the idea of the banner!

Mrs. in May said...

so cute, right?!!

Bridechka said...

So so so cute!

AmyJean said...

I really like the banner idea!

EliandMe said...

I am toying with the idea of sending my little man down the aisle with a balloon (safely attached to his wrist might I add). Something about that image just appeals to me. Also, he really likes balloons (he is much younger than your stepson!).

Adrienne said...

Those pillows are cute, but I really love the look of banners!

Cyd said...

While I love love love all of the gorgeous ring pillow out and about these days (especially Vane's!) I think an 8 year old boy might find it rather hokey. I also love the banner idea, but I find something really cute about the bell! I think it would add such a fun element of excitement. I would suggest having him simply act as escort if you're having a flower girl/junior bridesmaid so he's feels a bit more grown up, but that way he can still be the "ring dude."

Blablover5 said...

I'd say that since he said he wanted to be the ring dude, maybe if he could carry the rings in a really snazzy box or maybe on a plaque or something.

It might be neat to get a picture that you all signed he could carry them on, or a wooden sign.

Mrs. in May said...

You guys, my mom had the best idea, not sure if it will work in execution but I love it. She thinks he should roll down the aisle in heelies! You know those skate sneakers!? I love the idea! I am going to throw it out there to FH, but I think it is hysterical and could definitely lighten up the mood! And then like suggested he could be holding a snazzy box of some kind! I'll definitely keep you posted on this one!

Jenny.Lee said...

You've been tagged and awarded!

Lindsey said...

Aww I love the banner idea! And I love your blog!

Lmarie said...

Haha ... the heelies idea is excellent.
Our ringbearer is only 3, so we're going to have him carry the stuffed build-a-bunny my fiance gave me last valentine's day with the rings in a pouch around its neck. It seems much more natural to me for a little kid to carry a stuffed animal than a little pillow!