Friday, January 9, 2009

mmm mmm good!

OK, so I am back with a vengeance. Things have slowed down to a normal pace at work (which still equals insanity but manageable level of insanity) and I am ready to get my wedding groove on!

Over the holidays we got a TON done, but man is there still a TON to do, I am starting to have mini panic attacks. Next week I’ll go through the play by plays of the hair trials and either praise or vent about Pre-Cana which I’ll be heading to tomorrow.

Today I will talk about the most wonderful thing we did get to do- TASTING!!! Not only were we not disappointed but we both left saying that the food and service at the Woodlands EXCEEDED our expectations. Yay!

Here’s the setting – a wedding is going on in the mansion but we are led to a separate side bar where two tables are set up- one for our group and one for another bride – get this, she was from Virginia too, so weird. We sit down and get the run down from our coordinator and then fully get interviewed by her on what we’ve got done and what needs to be done, it was really thorough and I thought very effective and something I appreciated.

Apps - In addition to stations of food (Italian, Pacific Rim, Harvest table, etc) we’ll have 8 passed hors d’ouevres . There’s a huge selection of apps to choose from but that evening we were able to taste what that bride had chosen. Some were outstanding, some just seemed like food, not bad but not memorable. Of course, the one that stood out for everyone was the grilled baby lamb chops (DELISH) but those are an additional fee and but now we have to have them! We also chose the mini hot dogs (because who can deny?) bacon wrapped shrimp, portobello and goat cheese crostini, and some others that I cannot remember. We ixnayed any skewers- I think they have run their course – are they really that easy to eat? I am done with them, others at the table disagreed but me and FH were on the same page. Another thing we had to pass on was the crabcakes. I had MD boy make that call, there are too many Marylanders attending that will be very critical of the crabcake and after the taste test, had to pass - not the jumbo lump we are used to! I don't want to sound like a downer, the apps and presentation were great but really we were there to be critical and choosy so we were!

Wine- I was interested in the wine that would be poured and hoped that we wouldn’t have to upgrade. To my surprise one of my favorite pinot grigio’s from Coppola is the house choice. The reds are from PepperWood – they are solid inexpensive wines and I am fine with those. It’s not worth the upgrade for the handful that will care.

Entrees- In the end we chose what sounds like run of the mill, steak, chicken and fish. But, these were no run of the mill entrees, we were so pleased with how the food came out, here’s a glimpse:

Filet Mignon- served with truffle mashed potatoes & asparagus. We’re actually going to sub spinach for the asparagus – ‘cause it’s my party and we’ll do what we want to (and if you want to know the funny reason and you know me, just ask).

Roasted chicken- This did not photograph nearly as nice as it looked or half as good as it tasted. This is served with garlic mash and olive tapenade- MMM MMM GOOD.

Tilapia - Ok, we did not get to taste this one, instead we got to taste Salmon and Chilean Sea Bass. I hate Salmon. I just do NOT like it and from what I have heard its never that great when served to such a large group. Chilean Sea Bass – they really still put this on the menus? I mean, delicious? Yes. Politically incorrect? Also yes. Funny, after I went on a little tirade about this so did Chef Tom Collicchio on Top Chef! And then I felt I was validated, Thanks Tom!
The Tilapia is served with a jasmine rice in a red Thai curry sauce. I figure this will give an option to some of my foodie friends, I know it’s the one I would pick!

Because there is so much to do back home I almost was going to forgo the tasting, if you have any thought of passing this opportunity up- DON’T DO IT. So many wedded ladies of wisdom told me that it really will be the only time you will get to actually taste the food. Ooh, good point!

Anyway, after being gone so long I don’t want to bore you (there's so much more here I could rave about) but I’ll be back next week to talk about the desserts, the cocktails and the impeccable service. I feel like we are really moving along now! How about you ladies??? I need to go catch up on all of your blogs, my reader is totally backed up.


Adrienne said...

I am glad your tasting went well, ours is later this month! Can't wait to hear how your Pre-Cana goes!!!

Mrs. in May said...

Yes, pre-cana should be INTERESTING.

My Dream Ring said...

I'm glad your tasting went off without a hitch! That food looks delish, now I need a snack!

Cyd said...

ohmygosh. the food looks incredible! (And I am so hungry right now!)

I'm also looking forward to how pre-Cana goes for you. I've heard mixed reviews from other couples, but overall it seems to be a more positive experience for people than I think they initially expected. At least in my circles. ;-)

Mrs. in May said...

OK, I will get that post out today!

Kate said...

Sounds delicious! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm getting married in May too! But not this may, 2010. Best wishes!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

The food looks so good.

I like how it's plated. Very pretty and fancy.