Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hmm definitely CREATIVE!

OK, so times are tough, as my dear FH keeps reminding me, during this era of "The End of Bling" I've decided to go counterculture and break the bank by going all out, mansion and all. What can I say? This economy went to pieces well after I signed contracts for this stuff!! May as well go out guns a blazin' and champagne glasses a clinkin'!

So, you may remember the Waffle House wedding I posted a few months ago. Original to say the least.

Today's Globe and Mail talks about couples throwing creative weddings like a recent one at Taco Bell -
"The couple wed at their favourite Taco Bell location, which was littered with hot sauce packets that read, "Will you marry me?"

OK, people are quirky and love to go offbeat. Actually one of my favorite blogs - OffBeat Bride often talks about these whacky, adventurous nuptials, trick is - they are funky and original but still have a touch of class.

I am all for saving a buck. But is this a little too much for me to handle. Taco Bell!?! Wouldn't a backyard bbq be just as cost effective and much nicer? And you wouldn't be making a joke of your commitment? Eh, yes, I am taking this a little too serious, I'll lighten up because it is funny!
I guess I do love that these people are out there though, gives us something to read!

My advice comes from the legend Ron Burgundy- Stay Classy San Diego.


Adrienne said...

WOW! Definitely creative! I agree with you on the bbq thing though.

Jenny.Lee said...

I agree with the bbq too...can't fault them for being unique though!

Hannah Noel said...

I agree. And even if they just HAD to have the taco-bell food-- they could order it to go and have it waiting at the park or something!!