Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So much done, so much to do

Well as of today with 263 days to go I feel like I am in good shape.
Here's what I've gotten done so far:
Church -Check - St. Ignatius, Long Beach, NY
Reception Hall - Check - The Woodlands, Woodbury, NY
Dress - Check - You'd like to know, wouldn't you???
Bridesmaids Dresses - Check - Unfortunately no online pics are available
Photographer - Check -Matthew Sowa (One of my favorite vendors so far)
Hotel- Check - Allegria Hotel and Spa , Long Beach, NY
I have to tell you FH was really great about getting the hotel set up. We actually have 10 rooms already booked!
Save the Dates - OK, well these are done and are in my living room, they just have not yet been sent out yet!

What's left?
Well, I wish I could say not much but there really is a lot.
Flowers - I am pretty confident I found the one but just need to do a little more research.
I would like to take this moment to thank our favorite local Alexandria florist for helping me with some questions to ask and judging prices. So, thank you to Gwen from the Flower Market!
Limos -this is a tough one, they never seem to get back to me when I call or email, and not just one company, several!
Rehearsal Dinner -We may actually take care of that this weekend, that would be so great!
Pre-Cana - We have GOT to sign up for this and get moving on this one!
And lots and lots more... Those are just things that are top of mind right now!

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