Monday, February 9, 2009

Fancy Find # 11 Faux your honeymoon?

So, after we got engaged last year, FH and I took a fantastic trip to Cabo, we stayed in a nice hotel but I was still weary about wearing my engagement ring. When we go on vacations we love to lay out in the sun and sip daquiris but we also love to take excursions, hike, fish, etc. Well, because of this and not wanting to leave my ring in the hotel room, I decided to get a fake ring from Kohls. I loved the idea but I have a sixe 4.5 finger and the smallest I could find there was a 6.

Anyway, while perusing the pages of Brides Magazine yesterday I stumbled on this website- emitations
Check it out!!! There are so many different designs and styles, you may not find your exact ring but you'll probably find something somewhat similar. I am definitely going to get one of these, they're more expensive than the $19.99 Kohl's one I bought but they look much better and have small sizes.

But, maybe you don't want a ring like the one you have! Maybe you want that J. LO giant rock? (they show original designs and copies of celebrities! how fun!)

A vintage look like Katherine McPhee's? (I am partial to this one cause it is similar to mine with a different cut)

Maybe you want a simple eternity band or just plain band so you can be active and not feel too dressed up!?

I actually found a ring that looks like my soon-to-be-step-sister-in-law's? Looks so much like the Tiffany Lucida!

Here's a link to their clearance- I think this is always the place to look first.

I'm torn between getting something subtle and getting something Ka-BAM! I love the WOW factor but isn't the whole idea not to get robbed? I probably shouldn't attract people who would want to rob me!

Oh- btw- there is a whole line of jewelry, not just engagement/wedding rings!


AmyJean said...

I absolutely love my ring, but even still... I Absolutely LOVE looking at other peoples bling too :)
Thanks for the great link!

Globetrottingbride said...

This site is great. The perfect solution for when you don't want to wear your real ring.

Jenny.Lee said...

They have so many different styles to choose from. Very ncie!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the tip! My ring has been passed down for three generations, so I am terrified about losing it. I have been considering doing something like this since the day my hubby-to-be proposed... I'm so glad other people do this too!!!

Thank you for the great post!

Bridechka said...

Great idea!

Cyd said...

Excellent site! I love Katherine McPhee's too, it's similar to mine only mine is princess cut.

Wedding Corner said...

Thanks for sharing...what a great idea!