Sunday, February 1, 2009

And the winner is...

Stacie!!!! Stacie has a great blog, The Natural Way and I think that Galit's global, hand crafted style matches that of Stacies beautifully!

I am so grateful for Galit and my first giveaway, I couldn't be more proud, her pieces stopped me in my tracks and I loved sharing them!

Again, here's the piece that Stacie has won. For more check out the Etsy store or Galit's blog! Congrats to Stacie!

I really think the affordable yet gorgeous jewelry on Galit's site would make fantastic bridesmaid gifts, wedding day jewelry, or maybe something for your mother? I am loving this stuff and just thinking of who I need to buy a gift for next!

Its another busy busy week in the Mrs. In May household so there will be few posts once again. I can give this update of my weddings dealings from last week : had a conference call with the florist, my amazing bridesmaids sent out my shower invites, updated my registry, sent the last large payment to the wedding hall (final is due when I know the final count) and, um, I know there were more, does it ever end?

Ooh, also, when I get the chance I'll be reviewing a fantastic purchase I received last week from an Etsy seller, it's the perfect Mother-In-Law gift!


Stacie said...

Yay!!! Wow this is great and I'm so happy to have won something so beautiful!
Thank you so much!

My Dream Ring said...


Galit Barak said...

Thank you so much for arranging this lovely givaway!

Stacie's necklace has been shipped today!

Wedding Corner said...

Congratulations Stacy!!!
It is really beautiful!!

It's A Jaime Thing said...

Those are beautiful!!!