Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Advice needed!

OK, so I am getting down to the details now and will have my invitation wording complete and submitted by tomorrow - eek! Seems so final :)

Here's my questions, I will have about 40% of my guests from out of town. There will be a direction card and an accomodation card in the pocket style invitations.

On the direction card - what needs to go on there-

Directions to the church (main directions or specifics from the hotels?)
Directions to the reception hall (specifically from the church or the main ones they list)

How specific and turn by turn do I need to be?

Here's a note- I will have bus for those staying at the hotel to go from the hotel to the reception - the church is only blocks away, they can figure that out.

I will also have a welcome letter, etc. when guests check in and can put real specifics in there.

Hmmmmm, all thoughts welcomed!!!


LauraAnn said...

I plan on doing directions to the ceremony location from the hotel and from NW Indiana (that is where most of the out of town relatives will be coming from). If our ceremony and reception weren't at the same place I would also be adding directions from the ceremony to the reception. I don't think you need to be too specific. General directions (left on this street, right on that street, etc.) will be suffice. If you need an example look at Tying the Knot's (Jessica) pictures of her invite directions. Hope that helps!

LauraAnn said...
Sorry, the link got cut off.

Adrienne said...

I would say give basic directions on how to get to the church from the major interstates nearby, then from the church to the reception (assuming they are going straight there). Some guests may go straight to the church from their home (OOT). However if they do go to the hotel first you can have a direction card there for them to get to the church.

Lindsey said...

We just put the address to our church and reception hall on the invite. People can just mapquest it. We had no problems with people getting there! I think one person asked for a map and we printed it out for them.

Mrs. in May said...

You guys rock! Thanks so much!
BTW, I am totally getting excited about how these invites are coming out! I can't wait to post them when they arrive!