Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fancy Find #8 - For the Princesses

My undeniably cutest flower girls in all the land are the twin daughters of my cousin, who also happens to be a bridesmaid. She's got fantastic taste so I am just going to let her figure out what the girls should wear. The great thing is, we'll be right after Easter so there will be tons of little girls dresses available. We checked last year in March or so and there were tons of options. they are twin 3 year olds, I could put them in seagull outfits and they would be the stars of the show!

But, just because I need a break from the craziness that is my job right now, I did some online searching and found these beautiful dresses from Malley & Co.

The downside is you have to buy them at a boutique and I can't tell what the prices are. But, at least I know there are really adorable styles out there.

I think these two are my favorite:

especially since I could get them with a blue ribbon.

But I really love these ones also:

To see a list of boutiques where you can purchase them, click here:

Where are you getting your flower girl dresses from?


AmyJean said...

I haven't even started looking for mine yet, but the ones you posted are absolutely adorable! Great choices!

Mrs. in May said...

Sorry, these images must have a super power! I resized and repositioned three times and its still not right! Either way, you get the point, they are really darling dresses! And I can't wait to see my little girls in something so great!

Hannah Noel said...

We're looking for our flower girl dresses on Saturday!
I loove that first dress.

LauraAnn said...

Those dresses are so cute! I just bought my flower girl dress for my niece at Brides by Demetrio's - the Sweet Beginnings Collection by Jordan Fashions. I think they are all around $100. Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Awww! I like the first one best! It's too funy -- I picked my flower girl dresses out this week :)

Bridechka said...

So adorable!