Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mature Martinis - A Classy Affair - NOT Spring Break

OK, again, apologies, I know I've been away, that darn work thing always getting in the way!

I thought I'd talk today about cocktails! Maybe its because I could use one right about now (again, pesky work )

So, I found this funny, and chalk it up to the broad range of ages of people who wed. Upon entering our cocktail hour you'll have a multitude of choices for your cocktail. At the entrance you can pick up a glass of champagne or a refreshing sparkling water. Then as you enter there will be 3 martinis butler passed. And, of course, there will be 3 full bars if you choose. The point here is that when the masses (eek 250 of them) arrive there hopefully won't be a long wait at the bar.

When it came to choosing the martinis I couldn't help but laugh at the choices that our wedding coordinator came up with.
Here are some of the names:
Peach JollyRancher
Pink Lemonade Lemon Drop
Melon Martini
and lots of other fruity spring break type libations.

Now, in my day, I would have thought these were awesome, and cheers to you who think that they are. But, my wedding is in a mansion and I am in my 30s, I feel no need for crazy colored cocktails. Although I will say I love the cutesy idea of having a blue cocktail called "Something Blue" but really, do you want your guests walking around a mansion with blue mouths? Nah.

I also love the idea of having a drink named and matching your color scheme. How fun!

But, alas, again, we are in our 30s as are the moajority of our guests and both immediately agreed we would go for the classics.

Here's what we chose:
Dirty Martini
And - I know those of you who know me are shocked: Cosmopolitan! (I don't care if they are not trendy anymore, its my drink and I'll never give it up!)

Are you guys doing any special cocktails? Have fun names for them? Am I being too stiff? I chose 3 different colors and atleast 2 different liquors.


Pink Maple said...

I think your choices are great; very classic and all your guests (no matter their age) will definitely like them!

AmyJean said...

i love me an extra dirty martini. yum!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Don't ever give up your cosmo!!!! I walked around with a Margarita on the rocks the whole reception at my wedding!!! (Just don't spill yours on the dress!)

I'm on Long Island, you know. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you!

Wedding Corner said...

I also love the idea of "something blue", but as you mentioned, it wouldn't be a great idea to see your guests walking around with blue mouths.

Your choices are great.


Cyd said...

Girl, my favorite drink is a Grey Goose and tonic with a nice wedge of lime and anything with artificial coloring gives me the creeps so you're right up my alley! A good martini or a margarita on the rocks, a classic Manhattan or a Cosmo, things of that sort would make me happier than you can imagine at a wedding. So glad you're sticking to what you know and love!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Did you get my emails about transportation???

Chatterberries said...

I agree your choices are great and I'm very sure guests will love those kind of cocktails on the wedding.

Anonymous said...

"But, my wedding is in a mansion and I am in my 30s, I feel no need for crazy colored cocktails."

hahaha! Me too! Plus my h2b doesn't drink.
You're not being too stiff;it's your day and it will include what you want. Besides, your beloved cosmos will always be there to help you through; the planning, the honeymoon, the marriage... :o)

Krista said...

If that's what works for you, then go for it. Honestly, those cutesy names get old after a while.

Though, I think your guests ARE dying to have blue lips from a "something blue" martini!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

great choices!

Stephanie said...

I think your choices are perfect! very classy, and great for all your guests!

Caroline said...

I love martini's! What colors did you choose?

Mikiye Creations said...

As a person that doesn't like the taste of alcohol *crickets chirping*
*crazy stares from the rest of you*
I am more inclined to drink something, I will always drink a Cosmo.
I think those are pretty good choices...several people I know love Martini's and Manhattan's!

Anonymous said...


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